Denver South

Denver South will be ran by its Chapter Lead Jenn and her Assistant Tiffany

Jenn is a long time member of WINN, and has been the assistant in Denver North for over a year.
We are excited about her move to the Parker Area and that she is bringing a new Chapter to you!


Thirty-One (Organizing & Thirty-One Bag Expert)
I have 3 children and loving husband who are the drive behind my business and my desire to be a successful role model. I adore being a work at home mom with a career that allows me complete flexibility to work when and how I want. I volunteer a lot of my time, organize a moms group with over 100 moms, and I am a complete craft-aholic. I read way too many blogs which is another great reason to have a flexible career. If you are looking for adorable and functional gifts, bags and totes this is the place to be. You can shop online at my website below. Let's get you organized and stylish! Give your friends personalized gifts that they will cherish.

Tiffany J.  

Pure Romance 
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